Experience and competence at your service

Experienced competent members of our technical team offer their services at the consultancy, design, implementation and approval testing stages, to produce systems and solutions that will meet all needs.

We operate in the private and public sectors in the field of civil and industrial electrical systems; we provide special consultancy for photovoltaic systems and small hydroelectric and cogeneration plant, supplying assistance with technical matters and document management.

  1. Our management software
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Our integrated solutions for industrial process control are based on PLC automation systems and state-of-the-art HMI interfaces that guarantee efficiency and flexibility at low cost.

Since 2019 our systems have been ETL certified to UL and CSA Standards for industrial electrical enclosures on the North American market.

Because Pimmel pays constant attention to training its developers and designers, continuously updating them with regard to technical standards and industry requirements, its brand is synonymous with quality and competence.

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Industrial Automation

Pioneers... for over 20 years!

Our more than twenty years’ experience in industry means we can provide suitable, innovative technological solutions for use in all production processes.

The automation systems and electrical enclosures we produce are typically applied, for example, to equipment employed in the food & beverage and glass industries, involving production lines, transport and handling, water treatment systems and air conditioning plant regulation.

  1. Some examples
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We use PLC distributed control systems and graphic interface touch panels for industrial applications and develop customised software to provide reliable, completely integrated control systems.

Hardware and software integrated with cutting-edge technologies provide solutions perfectly compatible with Industry 4.0 in order to improve plant management and productivity.

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Equipment Division

Let's give power to your productions!!

We are situated in the heart of a vast industrial area and are specialists in MV/LV transformer cabinets, distribution panels and power centres. The company’s extremely precise processes are aimed at providing optimum solutions from both the technical and cost points of view.

We build MV/LV transformer cabinets and power centres to our customers’ requirements, using components from first-class manufacturers.

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Our services
  1. Assessment of the electrical units required for the projecte
  2. Electrical design of MV/LV transformer cabinets
  3. Dimensions of concrete constructions
  4. Paperwork for the various authorities involved
  5. Assembly of the complete cabinet
  6. Instrument tests required by Standards
  7. As built
  8. Conformity documents
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With you since 1987!

Since 1987 PIMMEL S.r.l. has been operating in the fields of electrical equipment and automation, developing greatly over the years.

The company is situated in the heart of a vast area with one of the most densely populated industrial zones in the world.

The key words for our world-renowned company are updating, professionalism, competence and investments.


Because we invest constantly in personnel and equipment, we are able to work with a host of industries producing many different types of goods.

We have invested heavily in a quality system that has earned us certification to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standards, and since 2019 our products have been ETL certified to UL and CSA Standards for the North American market.

Continuous evolution of our know-how means we can take our technologies and flair to different parts of the world.

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...automation at home!

We design and built automation systems for buildings and homes. Modern electricals facilitate installation and maintenance and the use of technology reduces running costs, saves energy and improves security and the quality of life.


Smart buildings have integrated, coordinated control of air conditioning plant, lighting, water distribution, management of both traditional and renewable energy sources, security and surveillance equipment and remote control devices.

Our home automation devices use touch screens provided with graphic interfaces and are designed to satisfy all requirements.


Renewable Energy and Cogeneration

R&D for the future!

For some years now we have been combining research and development of technologies for industrial automation with designing and manufacturing equipment for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, and with developing projects for cogeneration machines..

Always sensitive to the need to use fewer polluting energy resources, we present our customers with bespoke solutions that will reduce their company’s carbon footprint.

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We produce electricity generation and cogeneration plant to meet our customers’ needs..
  1. Assessment of the electrical units required for the project
  2. Electrical design of generators or cogenerators
  3. Paperwork for the various authorities involved
  4. Manufacturing the plant
  5. Instrument tests required by Standards
  6. As built
  7. Conformity documents

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...the new technology vanguard!

Our experience in the food industry has led us to work in the agricultural industry. The automatic tractor drive developed by us is fundamental to saving labour employed in tending row crops.

We are ready to fulfil needs in the field of newly-developing indoor growing systems, providing the reverse osmosis water treatment projects in greenhouses dedicated to hydroponic cultivation.

  1. Some examples
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Pimmel designs and builds wine product inspection and identification systems to comply with ministerial regulations. Touch panels with an internet connection are used for each area, and through central control integrated with the winery’s management software it is possible to change the data for each container and check stock.


Sanitising Equipment

We help you protect yourselves!

Supermarket trolleys are among the most soiled objects in the world. An American study declares that 72% of shopping trolleys were found positive on testing for faecal bacteria and 50% showed up positive for Escherichia Coli, one of the world’s most aggressive and persistent bacteria, and the risk of salmonella was not ruled out.

According to some researchers, the reason why shopping trolleys are even more contaminated than public conveniences is that public toilet facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly, whereas shopping trolleys are only occasionally cleaned and properly disinfected..

In the light of this, we make an effective anti-bacteria system that can be placed at the disposal of customers directly at points of sale, free of charge.

WIPPY solves the problem, effectively disinfecting trolleys by eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses and pollutants. It is our rapid response to this extremely difficult time.


...the two-wheel revolution!

An unprecedented electrical vehicle, our E-BIKE is designed and produced in Italy using avant-garde technology to high manufacturing standards, boasting modern design in line with the most sophisticated trends.

The heart of our E-BIKE is its patented, sequential electrical transmission with rotary coupling and pedal assist integrated into the gear unit.

  1. Hydroformed aluminium frame
  2. Hydraulic brakes with 203mm front disk and 185mm rear disk
  3. Fox 32 front fork
  4. 27.5” rims
  5. 2 x 27.5” tyres
  6. 350mm Drop Zone, adjustable hydraulic seat post
  7. 8-speed electronic gear box with rotary shifter
  8. 48 V brushless motor integrated into gear unito
  9. 500 W/h 48 V lithium battery
  10. 3.5” LED backlit display
  11. Mechanical safety lock, activated by means of a personal PIN code (option on demand)
E-Bike by Pimmel E-Bike by Pimmel